The agencies Repeat and Gda are the media agencies of the Repeat group. They are composed of clever experts, responsive and very experienced in the most ROI media solutions.

Since 2015, we have brought together the expertise of our media agencies and those of our agency of influence on public opinion, Les Influenceurs. The goal is to make more effective media buying campaigns, by developing before the campaign a favorable public opinion for the brand, through operations that use depending on the cases, PR, events, content creation or animation of social networks. This agency collaboration in pairs is exclusive on the market today.

Together, our agencies help our customers transform their communication plans in order to increase their awareness and ability to recruit their target audiences. They rely for that on a fundamental principle of our method which consists in working on the campaigns’ repetition level to achieve the objectives.

Since several years, we have continually invested in new expertise (data reconciliation between consumer and media information, programmatic buying, media synergies On and Off ..) and new ways of measuring the media effectiveness. This is for example the case in measuring the impact of TV campaigns on the traffic of our customers’ websites, by the analysis of the contribution of each channel and each commercial screen.

But it is also the case with the digital which accounts for 30% of the media offered to our customers. And if we are at this point today, it is because we have had very early the desire to reunite the On and Off line teams in the agency, and to push our clients to digitize themselves more in order to be strong today and even more stronger tomorrow.

Meanwhile we continue to develop the Programming Media, by negotiating exclusive editorial agreements for Repeat and its clients, with strong media brands. The goal is to leave the classic advertising space, in order to make live our clients brands in the editorial contents of media, and here again gain in efficiency.

Our research and purchasing departments are equipped with the best tools on the market to arbitrate in media planning and maximize purchasing negotiations: Pop-Corn TV, Medialand, Atelier radio, Affimétrie/Uàg Affichage, Comscore digital, Kantar, SIMM, Métrics…The results, the consolidation of our purchases (€330 million) maximizes the productivity of our media buyers.

Our expertise

  • Communication Strategy / Strategic Planning
  • Media strategy / Data analysis / ROI oriented media buying
  • Strategy of Influence on Opinion (content, PR, Social Media)
  • Local media (calibration of catchment areas, ISA, off-line and digital geo-located campaigns...)
  • Events (street marketing, event billboards, road show...)
  • Efficiency measures


  • In 2015, 1st media agency at the barometer BVA/Limelight* Advertisers satisfaction
  • In 2014, Media Agency of the Year by Offre Media, Sustainable Development Prize
  • More than 20 new customers joined the group during the last 24 months

* On items of "understanding the issues, commitment and team responsiveness, transparency and quality of agency partners" study on 1450 interviews of advertisers, about 47 agencies including 14 media agencies