PR agency and influence

The agency Les Influenceurs is the communication agency of influence on the opinions of Repeat Group. It can act independently, or in complement of the work of the Media Agencies of the group, Repeat and Gda. This cooperation of agencies in pairs is today exclusive on the market.

Les Influenceurs, is primarily a vision of things

  • Public opinion is a media
  • The more this opinion is favorable, the more your advertising campaigns are effective
  • Our job consists in developing strategies to influence public opinion, and to use it in order to improve the effectiveness of the advertising messages broadcasted by your media buying plans

The method rests on three key principles

  • Take an idea or a key value of your company or organization, and to make a debate around it in order to trigger a public opinion that will be favorable
  • Find the best tactic in order to accelerate the spread of this idea or key value, by missions that activate depending on the cases, PR, events, creation of content or animation of social media
  • Do all this generally upstream of the course of your media buying campaign, in order to improve its effectiveness

For companies
and trademarks



Our multidisciplinary team is composed of senior specialists in PR, e-PR and social networks, TV broadcast specialists, senior community managers and creatives, working together in the same place, and who have effective tools with the media and opinion leaders : Datapresse, TematicMedias, Argus ... Together they intervene indifferently in the development of the opinion at both the institutional or marketing level.

Our expertise

  • Public relations
  • PR, TV relationships, online relationships
  • Events creations
  • Content creation
  • Public affairs
  • Crisis communication
  • E-reputation management
  • Community management
  • Training in speaking, media-training of leaders